Our Story

An event, a moment, an experience has more staying power in a person’s memory than any object or possession. An event is meant to be significant. It should draw out emotions. Its purpose is to make people happy. Which was the driving force behind Kira Levy founding Forté Event Management – she loves to make people happy and to see smiles on clients’ faces.

While founding the company in 2011, Kira has been organizing events professionally for the past nine years, and informally since the ripe age of thirteen where the thrill and fun of coordinating a party first grabbed her attention. A Bachelor Degree in Psychology contributes to her refined understanding of how to tailor a unique experience for each client based on their needs, and a love of organized chaos keeps her head firmly planted while planning each event.

Inspired daily by music, art, travel, wine, and food, Kira stays abreast of current, past, and future trends to ensure her clients and their guests experience an event that feels fresh, cultural, and vibrant. She infuses each event with elegant, modern touches, maintaining an element of class throughout each engagement. 

Kira lives in New York and travels frequently for both work and pleasure.